The Madness Chronicles – Episode 17

The Madness Chronicles – Episode 17


On this, our 17th episode of the Madness Chronicles, we’ll obtain a see at the madness of our society at marvelous. Keep in mind, madness is a say of being mentally in wretched health, in particular severely, extremely silly behavior, and a say of frenzied or chaotic exercise. Let’s obtain a see at what’s going on spherical The US.

There are some basic Ted Talks, a marvelous resource, but a most up-to-date focus on falls short and descends into madness. A Native American girl by the name of Kelsey Leonard pitches the need for lakes and rivers to possess just right rights the identical as folk. To enable that is at possibility of be extremely silly behavior.

On a college bus in Hamilton County, Florida, a center schooler used to be brutally crushed for carrying his Trump MAGA hat. Officials admitted being greatly surprised by the brutality of the attack but assured oldsters it used to be no longer a hate crime. The folk protested, the Sheriff’s Place of work investigated, reviewed the surprising acts of the young attackers and, drum roll please, agreed with the college administration. Gorgeous young folk possess a inequity.

The news is alive with calls for no longer factual altering police alleged frightful behavior, but some are calling for abolishing the police altogether. The Cardozo Law, the Harvard Law Review, the Boston Review, and Rolling Stone journal possess all featured articles calling for police departments to be abolished. Within the leftist epicenter of Seattle, city council candidate Shaun Scott ran on the platform of abolishing the police and having no prison rules at all. He came interior 1,386 votes of a success elected say of business.

In a most up-to-date say from the Canadian Free Post, we be taught that since 1973 bigger than 50,000,000 infants had been aborted. Which diagram killed in or unswerving out of the womb. Yet, we are a society that rightly holds toddler eagles in excessive like. Function you impress that must you would very smartly be to disturb even an eagle egg, you would very smartly be subject to fines, penalties, and up to a Twelve months in jail? Isn’t that attention-grabbing? What does it train about our most up-to-date-day when human infants are sacrificed on the altar of females’s rights, but I would possibly be jailed for violating the rights of unborn toddler eagles. Umm?

In California, the keep issues are constantly loopy, Governor Newsom strikes again. The say has a coverage of fitness for young folk in public colleges that requires young folk in Fifth, Seventh, and Ninth grades to meet narrate requirements. That’s a educated thing in the age of obesity. But alas, Governor Newsom is conscious of easiest. He stopped the tests declaring them ‘discriminatory’ to students with disabilities, and besides they fully supply male and female alternate solutions. Demonstrate to the Governor. Your requirements are no longer a requirement for students with disabilities. And naturally, final we mere mortals knew there had been fully male and female students.

We began this Episode with Ted Talks, so let’s stay it with one as smartly. No longer too long previously Nicola Jones shared her concerns with the audience over noise pollution in the ocean and the diagram in which we must tone it down. That is unswerving, noise pollution. And he or she assured listeners that we humans possess an obligation to repair it. You would possibly well’t make these issues up.

Would possibly possibly per chance additionally just we wake from this madness before it’s too tiring. I favor you just right smartly being and till next time … possess stress-free, revel in existence, and leer out for the madness amongst us.

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