Gelas Jam Dalam Waktu

Gelas Jam Dalam Waktu


On a standard foundation lives will also be summed up admire sand flowing down thru the hour glass. The hour glass of life the place the experiences of our days form who strive to be, what that it is possible you’ll even be, who which that you just will be and who you the truth is are. Thru the years I the truth is bear tasted caviar, and eaten humble pie. I the truth is bear witnesses the orderly and bear viewed the absurd. All of which because the sands of time bear eased on down. Now, I the truth is bear reached that point in life the place the sands of time are coming to an end. I the truth is bear weathered many storms, eased the burden of my uncharacteristic systems, and bear come to the conclusion I the truth is did something with my life.

The younger years had been stuffed with bittersweet moments the place many a time I was knocked down simplest to accumulate factual succor up. Those years too I held my head up high, had moments of athletic triumphs amidst seeing the realm thru many assorted eyes. As I reached heart age with hair turning grey I learned myself seeing what is going to also be done to ease the burden of lives which would be downtrodden. The many faces that show camouflage distinguished ware for me is nearly too distinguished to bare. I place pen to paper in hopes that many will explore. There are solutions but simplest if we learn. And, thru the years no longer many did. The powers that be refused to secret agent. Though, situations bear changed but the anguish of so many has simplest gotten worse.

As I the truth is bear gone thru the retirement years with hair that has turned white I continue to jot down. However, the hour glass retains reminding me I am nearly out of time. Now, as we ability a brand novel decade for me there might be hope that can never end. I continue to create more as I continuously bear tried. I the truth is bear begun to realize the years had been very unkind. To ease the suffering hundreds and hundreds mute face the place the tragedies of life are conserving a hasty budge is motive ample the place distinguished more wants to be done.

With a soar and a prayer I continue the battle to educate minds that mute refuse to secret agent. The gentle of files that reveals the formulation has been forbidden and kept too some distance hidden. The ideally apt contrivance to the future is for all to resolve. The gentle of hope that paves the formulation is factual at our fingertips. With the files that’s shared we might per chance well additionally just mute originate to realize the solutions are there. To ease the burden of life’s overbearing struggles is ours for the taking. As I peek to the future I ponder when historic past looks succor I will’t verbalize for sure how they’ll mediate. but, one thing I am sure of I the truth is bear continuously tried. Now, with the hour glass the place time that used to be never on any individual’s aspect the formulation ahead for the realm hangs within the steadiness. Can we effect on this unsettling direction or will we invent that direction correction to a distinguished brighter, more healthy and more prosperous future? Most reasonable time will expose.

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